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Our Mission is Clear

Unleashed Advertising & Advocacy Founder and CEO, Gina Arcediano is an accomplished Television Journalist, Investigative Producer & Advertising Executive. Gina is a creative visionary with more than 20 years of media experience at ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC affiliates in several markets having held positions in both broadcast and cable. The Unleashed CEO clearly articulates her clients’ needs to drive awareness, create & capture brand loyalty, grow market share and achieve revenue goals.

With her unique experience of engaging with people and sharing their stories with viewers across the country, to creating successful, dynamic media advertising campaigns that produce year over year growth, Gina is a true advocate for her clients and the issues they represent.

Unleashed Advertising & Advocacy cultivates brand identity through thought provoking messaging, media & digital campaign strategy, harnessing the power of sight, sound and motion with commercial production.

As a media industry veteran, Gina knows what it takes to stand out, cut through the marketing clutter and deliver results. She knows the challenges faced by businesses and non-profits as they try to navigate marketing opportunities, dominate over the competition & achieve business targets.

Gina’s personal mission is giving a voice to the voiceless with the formation of partnerships, business and charitable alignments, active cause marketing, grass roots & legislative advocacy.